I Am NOT Sold That Acquiring “BlueBox” Will Do That Much To Help IBM’s Woes.

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by Anura Guruge


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Click to access BlueBox’s take on their acquisition by IBM.

Yes, of course, it sounds good. It has all the right buzzwords, ‘cloud‘, ‘open‘, ‘private‘, ‘service‘ and ‘OpenStack‘.

Fantastic deal for the BlueBox investors and employees. Glad for them. Way to go ‘boys’. You suckered them in good.

Not convinced it will do IBM’s bottomline any good. How many such acquisitions have we seen over the decades. More times than not it turns out to be a black hole rather than a blue box. I hope, in the name of ‘Watson’, that they didn’t buy them BECAUSE of their name!

IBM has the technology to do this all, in-house, without buying such a company.

To me, and yes I am jaded and cynical, this is just IBM wasting money to BUY ‘PR’ hoping that PR, rather than real fiscal results, will help them.

I am not convinced BUT given my deep seated love for IBM, I hope I am WRONG.

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