‘Devonsquare’, For ‘Great Waters’, At Wolfeboro, Anderson Hall, On June 5, 2015 Was Good, Probably Very Good.

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by Anura Guruge

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They definitely were GOOD. They might even have been VERY GOOD. I was suffering from a terrible cold, the first one I have had in 4 years, and was not feeling well. So I really could not do them justice in terms of my appreciation. Plus I was not familiar with their work. They definitely have a following and some of their fans were there. They sure appreciated what they heard.

I will say this. They produced the most exquisite guitar notes I have heard in a long time. Very sumptuous and rich. Perky. Reminded me of the clarity and robustness of a really decent red wine. This was my 5th performance at Anderson Hall and it was the best sound quality I have heard there — by a long chalk.

That said I am not sure, and I could be wrong, that Anderson Hall was the best venue for their kind of music. For a ‘Trio’ (as they still call themselves) PLUS 1 they have a lot of sound equipment. So having the stage and full sound deck at the back helped BUT I think they are better suited for a more intimate setting. Lets face it, they are a folk group. I would have loved to have seen them at “Inn On Main“. That would have been a great venue for them and the relatively small audience we had. 

I would definitely like to see them again — when I am not ‘dying’. As ever VERY nice people. I got a chance to talk to two of them after the show, a long conversation with Robby Coffin. I had to ask him about his name. He was very nice about it. He has a nickname ‘Pine Box’. He is from Rockland, Maine — a place I am very familiar with given that Deanna is from Cushing, just down the road. Deanna did not make it to the show. She was volunteering at the Alton Central School (ACS) semi-formal dance that Devanee was attending. Mr. Coffin obviously knew Cushing and some people there. Denanna would have enjoyed talking to him.

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