We Got Our Second Jaguar — A 1989 V-12 XJS Convertible To Complement The XJ8.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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This is all per the ‘master plan’. The the lease on the KIA Sportage was expiring ‘now’. Around February/March Devanee and I agreed that we will replace the KIA with two (2) Jags. The lease on the KIA was $222/month. I worked out I could get two OLD Jags for way less than that. And that is what we did.

We returned the KIA last week. We picked up a very nice, but very affordable, Jaguar XJ8, in Philadelphia, from “European-Cars” (eBay), two-weeks earlier.

Today, we had the XJS hand delivered by a very nice gentleman from Burlington, Vt. I had found it on Craigslist. We agreed on a good price. There was no point me driving 3 hours (one way) to Burlington to pick it up. I was buying it ‘as is’ and ‘as is’ was not bad. So I convinced him to drive it down (for the same price). He did. We have the XJS. We are pleased. 75,000 miles.

Devanee wanted an XJ8 and an XJS. The 12 cylinders and convertible were negotiable BUT she wanted it black. Well, I got her what she wanted.

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