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Dish HD Picture Quality Inferior To That Of DirecTV (or Roku 3/Amazon Prime) — June 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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directvdish1212We have had Dish HD TV (again) since last Thursday, June 4, 2015. I had finally managed to cancel my accursed and detested DirecTV account on May 31 — 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Just a few minutes ago Deanna took the pre-paid box with the two Genie receivers to the Post Office. No doubt DirecTV will find something wrong with them and charge me for it. What is new. That is all that DirecTV did for 2 years — lied and cheated at each and every turn.

Well, I am back with Dish. Yes, they are no angels either, BUT I don’t think they are as bad as DirecTV. Maybe I will learn.

But we noticed something right away.

Dish Network picture quality is POOR — one could even say downright bad!

Compared to DirecTV HD it is about 50% as good. I guess they just don’t transmit as much bandwidth.

This may come as a surprise but quality of a HD picture is DEPENDENT on how much resolution is transmitted!

Yes, every once in a while I have seen Dish do decent HD — typically at night during prime time. During the day their HD really sucks.

I remember this NOW from when we switched to DirecTV two years ago. Despite all the other problems with DirecTV we all could BUT not notice that the picture quality was stunningly vivid.

Well we are back to ‘so so’ HD with Dish.

No it is NOT our TVs. We still get BRILLIANT HD with the Roku 3 when watching Amazon Prime. Teischan right now is watching “Mansfield Park” on Amazon and the picture quality is worth writing home about. [Plus we now have DEDICATED 15Mbps, wired, TDS Internet to the Roku! More on that later.]

But ONE good thing on the Dish Hopper. So far I have NOT encountered ANY sound loss. That is good.

But I have to say. WOW. Picture quality of Dish is atrocious. Good job we don’t watch much Dish. 85% of our TV viewing is now on the Roku. I got Dish primarily so that I can have 24×7 CNN and CNBC. 

Kudos To The Social Security Administration (SSA) Office In Concord, N.H.


Concord, N.H. SSA office at 70 Commercial St.

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by Anura Guruge

Credit where credit is deserved and due.

I made an appointment at the SSA Concord [NH] office, in 70 Commercial St., so that I could go an apply for my SSA pension now that I will turn 62 in September. Yes, of course I know that I could have applied online. But, if I applied online I needed to send my 62 year old birth certificate, issued in Ceylon, at the ‘Slave Island’ registry office, to Baltimore! You have to send the original or a certified copy. I HOPED that by applying in person, at an office, I might be able to hold onto my birth certificate. That was INDEED the case. So, it worked out exactly as I was hoping it would. Deanna was skeptical. But she had to admit that ‘it worked’.

This was the third time in 8 years that I have visited that SSA office. Each time I have been pleasantly surprised at their cordiality, courtesy and professionalism. Punctual too! I had a 10:30 appointment yesterday and I made sure to be early. You have to ‘punch in’, with your Social, when you arrive. So they knew I was there. They called me in 5 minutes early! That alone was impressive.

Very nice people. All three of my interactions with them have been superlative. I know people love to say unkind things about government workers BUT these folks really are trying to be nice and helpful. So lets give credit where credit is due. It was a pleasant experience. No hassle. Yes, they wanted a ton of additional paper that I now have to mail in — but that is fair.

Just wanted to let you know. IF you are in New Hampshire and you have to deal with the SSA do NOT hesitate in contacting the Concord office. They are very nice and will take care of you — WELL.

P.S., I am not trying to curry favor. I have paid into my SSA and I am now due. SMILE.

So, So Much Cricket With Sling TV (On Roku 3) With One World Sports + Willow.


Sling TV “International Sports” package — Willow and One World Sports.

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by Anura Guruge

July 2015 Update.

Willow, right now, is basically inoperable on Sling TV.


Here is a post about the Willow problems.

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Upcoming Willow cricket schedule. http://www.willow.tv/EventMgmt/fixtures.asp


One World Sports, via SkyNews Sports, is providing OUTSTANDING coverage of the English International matches. http://www.oneworldsports.com/

I got the Roku 3 (50% off) from DishWorld — now Sling TV — so that I could get Willow Cricket to watch cricket. That was in February and the Roku has changed our lives. We love the Roku.

Thanks to the Roku I also got ESPN Cricket 2015 and that enabled me to watch both the 2015 World Cup and the IPL 2015. That was a bonus and treat.

After I finished the World Cup I was watching Willow — most days. More cricket there than I can keep up.

Then a few days ago, serendipitously, I discovered One World Sports. When I go to Sling TV I had it ALWAYS tuned to Willow. So I didn’t see any other programming. Then the other day by accident I selected One World Sports. It was showing cricket. It was showing the England vs New Zealand Test match from Lord’s! I couldn’t believe it. Wow. Very good coverage too. I was in the midst of watching Australia humiliating the West Indies and didn’t have time to watch the other test. Two days ago I started watching the 2nd Test, Eng. vs. NZ and I am totally captivated. Can’t wait to go and have my late brunch so that I can watch another 30 minutes!

So just letting you know that there is MORE cricket on Sling TV than just Willow.

Got that? Isn’t it GREAT. Enjoy.

Yes, There Is Indeed A Camel, At “Camp David”, In Alton, New Hampshire.

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by Anura Guruge

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June 16, 2015 post with pictures.

2017 Pictures. Click image to access.

Yes, I have seen it, briefly. I meant to stop and take a picture but that never worked out. Deanna has seen it too. I can’t be 100% sure whether it is a Dromedary (one-hump) or a Bactrian (two-hump). I was driving when I saw it. There might have been a Llama or something else with it.

Why am I talking about a camel in Alton, N.H.? It is, even for idiosyncratic Alton, a bit unusual to have an animal associated with hot, dry, waterless deserts in 10′ of snow Alton. But, the reason I am talking about it was that somebody was SEARCHING for it on the Web, and this blog tends to popup on Search Engines anytime “Alton, NH” is mentioned — as it should.

The Camel is at “Camp David” on Route 28, outside of Alton (towards the Barnstead side) — and maybe a mile or so from the turning to ‘Prospect Mountain High School‘ (PMHS).

“Camp David” is a kind of enigma as this post highlights. The amount of work that was done on it has abated.


Click to ENLARGE. From “nhtourguide.com”. Here is the original link: http://nhtourguide.com/forums/showthread.php?864-Camp-David-Alton-NH-What-is-Camp-David-in-Alton-NH

But other than some unexpected animals — including cows — you don’t see much.

Yes, I do know a LITTLE about it. It is the work of an ex-Alton selectman — whose first name might have been “David“.

I also think it is meant to have a Biblical David association. The ‘camp’, I was initially led to believe, was going to ‘religious’ — and that is par for the course for this area in that we have LOTS of religious camps in the Lakes Region. So “Camp David”. Makes sense — plus the owner is a David …


Borrowed with THANKS from Panoramio — photo belonging to JBTHEMILKER. Here is the link to the original. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/60430959

The Bison theme, on the sign (up top) and on the gate, amuse and intrigue me. I would like to see Bison there. I am very partial to Bison meat. But Camels and Bisons are incongruous. I don’t think Bisons figure in the normal Bible (though I have to guess them must make an appearance in the “Book of Mormon” — which I have yet to look at).

I will, now there is an interest, stop and get some pictures. Deanna has lost the ‘fancy’ (and kind of expensive) Olympus ‘point-and-shoot’ I got her before we went to Arizona. That means I have to use my Canon T3i to get decent pictures. But stay tuned for the Camel in Alton, New Hampshire.