So, So Much Cricket With Sling TV (On Roku 3) With One World Sports + Willow.


Sling TV “International Sports” package — Willow and One World Sports.

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by Anura Guruge

July 2015 Update.

Willow, right now, is basically inoperable on Sling TV.


Here is a post about the Willow problems.

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>> Sling TV, DishWorld & Willow Cricket.

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Upcoming Willow cricket schedule.


One World Sports, via SkyNews Sports, is providing OUTSTANDING coverage of the English International matches.

I got the Roku 3 (50% off) from DishWorld — now Sling TV — so that I could get Willow Cricket to watch cricket. That was in February and the Roku has changed our lives. We love the Roku.

Thanks to the Roku I also got ESPN Cricket 2015 and that enabled me to watch both the 2015 World Cup and the IPL 2015. That was a bonus and treat.

After I finished the World Cup I was watching Willow — most days. More cricket there than I can keep up.

Then a few days ago, serendipitously, I discovered One World Sports. When I go to Sling TV I had it ALWAYS tuned to Willow. So I didn’t see any other programming. Then the other day by accident I selected One World Sports. It was showing cricket. It was showing the England vs New Zealand Test match from Lord’s! I couldn’t believe it. Wow. Very good coverage too. I was in the midst of watching Australia humiliating the West Indies and didn’t have time to watch the other test. Two days ago I started watching the 2nd Test, Eng. vs. NZ and I am totally captivated. Can’t wait to go and have my late brunch so that I can watch another 30 minutes!

So just letting you know that there is MORE cricket on Sling TV than just Willow.

Got that? Isn’t it GREAT. Enjoy.

1 thought on “So, So Much Cricket With Sling TV (On Roku 3) With One World Sports + Willow.

  1. masudsp (@masudsp)

    Hi Anura,

    Thanks for the info.

    I have one question. If you are using willow using slingTV and there are two or more live matches happening at the same time. Is there any option which can let you select which match to watch?



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