Another Two Thumbs UP For “European-Cars”, On eBay, (Outside Philadelphia) From Whom We Got Our Jaguar XJ8.

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by Anura Guruge

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Car Cheer06112015

I have already said GOOD things about Dave Gitman of ‘Car Cheer’, in Trevose (outside of Philadelphia), who sells lots of cars on eBay under the name “European-Cars”.

We got our Jag XJ8 from Dave via eBay.

Well I had it inspected for its N.H. Inspection Sticker (by “B-Boys” of Barnstead, NH) yesterday and had it registered, in NH, at the Alton Town Office on Monday.

In both instances everything went well without a hitch and that is why I felt compelled to say MORE good things about Dave and his operation.

The paperwork that Dave supplied (albeit for a small charge) was immaculate. The NH registration was completed without a single query or ‘do you have this‘. I liked that. So, paperwork, as he said it would be, was PERFECT. He has a wonderful, very proficient, assistant and she did us all proud. [Thank you.]

The car sailed through the inspection. Found nothing wrong. Paul Bousquet even went onto say that everything underneath was in excellent shape! His only concern was that I might have a problem opening the driver’s door from the inside. I had to laugh. The first time I was in the car I too thought that I was stuck and that the driver’s door would not open. I shouted at Dave. He laughed. It works FINE — the handle needs to be pressed harder than you would expect. Now that I am used to it I don’t think twice about it. Door opens fine. So that was the ONLY ‘problem’ that Paul found. I am delighted.

So credit where credit is due.

I can ONLY talk about my transaction and Dave did GOOD.

So, I will wholeheartedly recommend Dave, “Car Cheer” and “European-Cars”.

Yes, of course, being the professional cynic that I am I was skeptical and somewhat concerned buying a car, over the Internet. But, Dave showed me that it can be done and it can be done with great success.

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