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Pope Francis Nixes Mercedes Benz Popemobiles For Those Built On A S. Korean Hyundai. Yes, YEs, YES.

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by Anura Guruge

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Francis says the darnest things 

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This pope does get somethings so very right. Love it. Way to GO Pope. Well done. THANK YOU. Bravo. Kudos. God will bless you for this though I am still confused as to what God and Pius XII were up to during WW II — when the Germans were pulverizing Liverpool. No matter. This is a small BUT significant victory.

About bloody time. Popes poncing about in $100K top of the line Mercedes Benzes always aggravated me — and not just because they were driving dreaded, bloody German cars. Popes should NOT flaunt their considerable wealth when there are so, so many POOR CATHOLICS.

This pope understands that. Yes, I am, of course, as is my wont, critical of him when he does crazy things like letting disgraced Keith “the groper” O’Brien keep his cardinal title or when he was wearing the jewel studded gold pallium pins. But, deep down I like this pope. Plus remember and do NOT forget that I am the ONLY person that had this pope, by name, in a book published 2 years ahead of his election, as a possible pope.

This pope has the right idea about 85% of the stuff that he has to deal with. He is, however, wrong on climate control. But this is good.

The previous pope was not only German BUT was a Hitler Youth. I am NOT making that up. Go check it by Googling it. Or you can just read my October 17, 2011 post, in my 700,000 hit “Popes and Papacy” blog about Susan Sarandon calling Benedict a Nazi, not once BUT twice! So it was natural for him to feel comfortable in German cars.

South Korea does have Catholics. They even have two cardinals. So it is a Catholic country. So this is fair enough.

June 12, 2015 Google Doodles For ‘Russia Day’, ‘Philippines Independence’ & Brazil Valentine’s Day.

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by Anura Guruge

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Pretty nice Google Doodle for Russia. That is a Kremlin clock tower.

Had NO IDEA that Brazil celebrated Valentine’s Day in June. Maybe knowing how horny they are they might celebrate it twice — to get twice the bang.

‘Free The Female Nipple’ Movement — Having Contributed To The ‘Topless Tour’ Deanna Thinks This Should Be Her Next Move.

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by Anura Guruge


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This #FreeTheNipple material was sent to me, earlier this evening, by Deanna who wanted to know whether she should also support this WORTHY cause given the fun we all had when she decided, last year, that she wanted to contribute to the “Topless Tour“.

She knows where I stand on the issue. Having come of age in Europe I have no compunctions, whatsoever, about topless female. Does not bother me in the slightest. As I have said, many times, and it is easy if you frequented European beaches — “after you seen your first 10,000 they all look the same after that”. I do actually finding it quite amusing the women in the U.S. go to so much trouble to stay covered in the Sun when us men cavort about topless. I would much rather see topless women, irrespective of shape, than gross beer bellies hanging over shorts. But that is just me. I will probably go running topless, as is my wont if the temperature is above 65°F. When I do, I feel bad that I have the freedom to do so, with gusto, while women can’t do the same. Not fair. What happened to equality?

The original article forwarded by Deanna. It is from “collective-evolution”. Click on image to access original.

A picture from the above “collective-evolution” article. They make a very good point. What is the difference?

Then there is a Website with a free video called “freethenipple.com“.

Click here to access the free video. I think it is SAD and ironic that they pixelated the nipples!

A shot from the above mentioned video. Use the link ABOVE.