A BIG Grateful Thanks To The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission & Kudos.

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by Anura Guruge

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It is so very nice when ‘somebody’ does the right thing and even more special when it is done by a ‘faceless’ large bureaucracy — in this case the “Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission“.

Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Thank YOU.

As the Mark Twain saying goes: Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

Well, this very gracious act by the “Penna Turnpike” BOTH gratified and astonished me.

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What did they do. They sent me a check for $36.85 — a REFUND for the $39.90 I was charged, on May 18, 2015, at the ‘Delaware River Bridge’ toll plaza for NOT having a ticket.

This $39.90 charge, at 1:15 pm was, miraculously, the ONLY mishap we suffered during our 3-day adventure in going by ‘car-c0ach-Amtrak-taxi-Coach-car-taxi-car‘ to Philadelphia to pick up our Jaguar XJ8 and drive it back. Given that we wondered around New York for 5 hours, walked at night in Philadelphia and drove 390 miles in a car that we didn’t know anything about, anything could have happened.

But, luckily, we only had one and only one setback. This $39.90 charge. And it happened within 30 minutes of us getting in the car. We were still getting used to the car when this toll collector insisted that I part with $39.90 BECAUSE I did not have a toll ticket. I understand. People must try to escape paying what they owe by claiming that they lost the ticket. In our case it was not about losing a ticket. We never got one. That is what upset me.

Here is the top part of the letter I wrote to them on May 25, 2015 — a week after the incident.


Click to ENLARGE.

Well, my point was simple. There was NO machine or person handing out tickets. I am not that stupid that I would get on a Turnpike without a ticket.

Well, they did the RIGHT THING — and I am grateful. They charged me $3.05 and I have no problem, whatsoever, with that. I assume that that was the charge for the distance I covered. That is fine.

This made me very happy. It was the ONLY blemish on what turned out to be quite a magical trip. It bothered me. It bothered the girls. They knew that we had been wronged because they saw that I had NOT driven past a ticket booth.

So this is good. I am happy. The girls are happy.

2 thoughts on “A BIG Grateful Thanks To The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission & Kudos.

  1. Terry Auspitz

    I happened across your blog today while doing a Google search for something else and wanted to take a moment to respond to this. I’m glad the Turnpike Commission gave you a break and only charged you the actual toll for the distance traveled. They usually do that for a first-time violation, and that’s a good thing. That said, if you got on the eastbound Turnpike from Street Road (route 132), the reason you didn’t see a place to take a ticket was because you entered through an E-ZPass only interchange. That interchange is not available by use for cash customers. If you were traveling westbound on route 132 and made a right turn into the interchange, you would have passed at least 4 “E-ZPass Tagholders Only” signs plus the “E-ZPass Only” painted lane markings in the turning lane. If you were eastbound on 132 and made a left turn into the interchange, that is a posted no left turn, so at least you didn’t get hit for $110.50 for a left turn violation.

    Again, I’m happy they took care of this for you. I just wanted to give you that information in case you’re back in the area, since they typically won’t adjust the toll the second time around.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Thank you for this DETAILED explanation. Much appreciated. There was a ton of roadworks and w did NOT see any E-Zpass ONLY signs. I would not have gone in if I had seen any signs. There were NO ‘machines’ of ANY sort by the side of the road. So not sure it could have read an E-Zpass either. IF I ever go back to that area I will be ultra careful. Many thanks AGAIN. Smile.


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