The Camel In Alton, New Hampshire, Near “Camp David” — The Pictures.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Original June 9, 2015 post following a query on the Web.

I took these pictures on Sunday, June 14, 2015, around 4pm using my refurbished Canon Rebel T3i with the stock (rather unsatisfactory) Canon EFS 18 -55 mm lens it came with. I wish I had the Canon EFS 55 – 250 mm zoom that Deanna had got me for Christmas 2014. That would have given me some great pictures. I had not been planning to take any pictures of the camel. This was serendipitous. Deanna remembered my post and said “see if the camel is there”. It was and I did not have the zoom. This was on the way back from us going swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee. I had taken the 18 – 55mm on purpose. I only planned to take ‘swim’ pictures and the zoom is too narrow. Yes, I should have taken the camera bag. This will be a lesson. Or I can somehow raise the money to get the new Sony RX10 II that I am pinning over. That would have covered both my needs with one lens — though alas the 200mm lens on it might prove to be limiting in the long run.

Anywho. The Camel. It doesn’t appear to be on “Camp David” — on Route 28. It was in a pen NEXT DOOR. That is also a farm of sorts. They grow and sell flowers and vegetables — and sometimes litters of puppies. I have seen a Harrier there (like Braxton). It is a very attractive property. The camel was at the back of a barn on that property — or that is what it seemed. “Camp David”, which has two large structures, shown in the two bottom pictures (above), had some cattle (also shown).

I will try to do better the next time. Promise.

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