22-Year Old U.S. Female With 2 Working Vaginas (& Plumbing).

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by Anura Guruge

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Lets start with the YouTube video
posted June 18, 2015.

Yes, of course, like with so much in my life, I got the heads up
from the U.K. “Daily Mail” which I read on my pad, first thing each morning,

Click to access, as always, very informative “Daily Mail” article.

Yes, of course, I knew what YOU were thinking.
Yes, it crossed my mind too.
Well, it is NOT as neat as you would think or hope.
Bummer — in more than one sense of the word. SMILE.
(Think about that. SMILE.)

From ‘Fusion.net’. Click to access original. They even have a diagram, though not of the vagina. Check it out.

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