Picture Quality Of CNBC On Dish Is Beyond Atrocious — Worse Than SD.

directvdish1212.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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cnbcdish12121As I posted here, 3 weeks ago, I noticed that the Dish HD picture quality, on our two HD TVs, was far, far, far inferior to that of DirecTV.

Kind of came as a shock since we had switched from DirecTV to Dish — and the two TVs were the same.

I remember, from 2 years ago, that we all noticed that the DirecTV picture quality was ‘infinitely’ better than that of Dish, when we switched from Dish to DirecTV. [Yes, the 2 year contract game.]

I also know that this inferior picture quality has to do with Dish transmitting LESS bandwidth (and as such ‘lines’) for certain channels OUTSIDE of Prime Time. Yes, CNN on Dish at 10pm can look dazzling. The difference is that CNN and all other channels with DirecTV looked that good ALL of the time.

Though I turn on CNBC on TV, as soon as I wake up (around 8:20 am), I don’t really watch it. I listen to it while I read the news on the U.K. “Daily Mail” on my Pad.

This morning I had a real close look at CNBC per Dish.


Its was dreadful. Grainy, out of focus and at a resolution far below SD — never mind HD. Now if I was getting this on an Internet connection you could blame connection speed. But I am getting this BROADCAST down from a satellite. So I can’t control the bandwidth.

This is bad. Very bad. Dish should be ashamed.

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