Wolfeboro, New Hampshire: 2015 4th of July Cate Park Concert & Fireworks.

Wolfeboro 2015 fireworks.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

John Gorka in Wolfeboro, July 3, 2015.

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“The Cate Park Band” (led by our friend Bobby Burns)
playing an upbeat, rousing medley of popular songs (inc. some movie hits)
was on the mark and just what was needed. Bravo.

The fireworks were “OK”. Par for the course for central NH.
The usual ’20 minutes’ of desultory single shot, not very high grade fireworks,
compensated by a ‘4 minutes’ bang-bang-bang finale.
But any firework display, by definition, is ‘good’.

So it was FUN. A good evening out. Good crowd. Everybody was happy.
Rain had cleared. The temperature was just right if you had a ‘T’ under your shirt.
Wolfeboro, as ever, did you proud.

A good 4th of July.

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