Kids Dentists To Avoid Controversy Now Referring To “Fluoride” Just As A Vitamin.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. This, though from another dentist, was basically the same spiel I heard today. No mention of fluoride. Just talk of a vitamin application.


Click to access original.


Click to access original.

Took both kids, together, to our dentist for their scheduled 6-month cleaning and checkup. As is the new wont the hygienist made a big deal of telling you, and the kids, as to what they will be doing during the visit. I heard twice, given that their were two kids, that they would finish the visit with a “vitamin application”. I was intrigued. I had never heard of that procedure before — “vitamin application”.

Given that I go in with Teischan I got to see what they were doing. At the very end, she peels the cover off a small packet of liquid and start applying the liquid to Teischan’s teeth with a Q-tip. Well that did NOT look like the application of a ‘conventional’ vitamin, say ‘D’ or ‘E’.

So I asked her how the vitamin was going to get ingested by the body through the tooth enamel. She started to blush and stammer. She admitted that it was not a vitamin. To be fair to her IT WAS. Fluoride is a vitamin. So they were NOT lying to us. Just, at best, being ‘cute’ — at worst being deceptive. She admitted that it was a fluoride varnish. In the past they used to be all ga-ga about applying this fluoride finish. They never called it a vitamin. It was always fluoride this and fluoride that.

Now it is a vitamin — and NO mention of fluoride.

This is NOT right.

Parents should be TOLD what it is that they are applying and given the option to OPT out.

I am not sure whether I would have opted out. I am NOT convinced about fluoride. I have better teeth than most with nary a cavity and there was no fluoride when I was growing up.

So a HEADS UP. Ask your dentist what exactly they are putting in YOUR KID’S mouth.

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