Fidelity’s New ‘Accounts & Trade’ System User Interface Had To Have Been Designed By An Inebriated Blind Person.

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by Anura Guruge

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Don’t get me wrong, I am Fidelity’s GREATEST and most loyal fan (even if they have stopped giving me any IPO allocations (and maybe as such they are doing me a favor)). Just check this blog. Their accounts reps. are wonderful. I really have never had any serious problems with Fidelity in over 30 years of dealings OTHER than my intense displeasure, over the last few months, with their new ‘Accounts & Trade’ system — specifically its User Interface.

No question, the new system is a vast improvement in that it provides a LOAD more information and does so conveniently. That is a good part.

The atrocious part is how that information is presented. Yes, I have had multiple very productive and pleasant calls with Fidelity about my issues with the GUI (graphical user interface) and I even had a call back, a few weeks ago, to tell me that ALL of my issues have been noted and that each and every one of them WILL be fixed — however, not any time soon!

I am NOT a casual user of the Fidelity system. I have a Fidelity tab open on this PC at least 12 hours a day! No, I don’t trade constantly though I probably trade more often that most. I did three or four trades today. I probably average over one a day. That doesn’t make me an active trader but I am also far from what would be classed a passive one. I check the screens quite often during the day. SMILE. So I know my Fidelity system and Fidelity knows that I know my Fidelity system.

ONCE I discovered and told Fidelity, on June 17, 2015, that the old system had stopped reporting some new transactions I did NOT have any choice but to start using the new system. There was no way I was going to stick with a system that didn’t show me all my recent transactions.

Once I started using it I quickly narrowed down the three (3) key things that were driving me insane.

1/ The fields are way, way, way TOO WIDE and there is no way that you can condense them (and I use a 23″ WIDE screen for my Fidelity tab). With a Fidelity rep in tow I worked out how wide the fields are. Some of the dollar value fields could hold in excess of $99 Trillion values. That is crazy. Basically all the horizontal fields are WAY TOO WIDE and you can’t make them narrower t give you a better, closer, more intimate view.

2/ You can’t rearrange the order of the columns. You should be able to create a customized view that best suits each user. Plus the new columns are not in the same order as the old ones.

3/ The very comforting light yellow highlight background to denote changes that have taken place today is gone. I was used to using that yellow background to navigate the columns.

Fidelity has agreed that all three of these issues are legitimate and that they will fix them — BUT not any time soon.

So giving you a heads up.

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