Jaguar V-12 XJS Coupe ‘HE’, 1985, British Racing Green, For Sale In Wolfeboro, New Hampshire — “$5K”.

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by Anura Guruge

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Deanna had seen it a couple of weeks ago and had told me that I should go check it out! Though she is NOT in favor of me getting anymore Jags she still is willing to let me look.

Devanee and I took a quick break from Friday’s ‘all-day’ “Blood, Sweat & Tears” setup, to go and have a quick look.

It is at 458 Center Street in Wolfeboro. The big “1810 House B&B and Antiques“. Ask for the son, Chris O’Brien. Chris normally lives in Pennsylvania. That explains the plates (and his phone number). Yes, you can call him on: 215-622-5841.

It is in good enough shape. I, of course, prefer the topless. But I am committed to helping Chris sell this. Word of caution. Chris does NOT have to sell it. So there will be a hard floor as to how far you can beat him down! SMILE.

P.S., the ‘HE’ stands for ‘high efficiency‘, i.e., better mileage. 

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