“1810 House B&B and Antiques”, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire — Genuine We Are Moving Sale.

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by Anura Guruge

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Devanee & I went there on Friday to see the Jaguar XJS that was for sale. I was blown away. Lots of amazing stuff for sale in the Barn.

So we all want back on Saturday after the ‘Fairy House‘ festival. Very nice people and LOTS and LOTS of incredible stuff. I just wish I had the money. They really are selling the place and moving. So this is not one of those ‘fake’ sales. This is genuine. Good bargains to be had.

This is their Website: 1810house.net.

There phone number at the Barn is: 603-515-1765.

We got a hammock. Teischan has been asking for one for awhile now. Though we live on a dirt road, surrounded by trees we don’t have two trees on which to tie a hammock. So we needed a stand. This worked out. Teischan has already spent hours in it.

The Hammock

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