“Annie & The Orphans”, In Their 51st Year, And They Continue To WOW Wolfeboro — July 11, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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A short (1 minute) YouTube that still accurately captures the joy and magic
of an ‘Annie & The Orphans‘ concert. Cate Park July 11, 2015.


Click to access 1 minute, MUST WATCH (you will THANK ME), YouTube video.

They have been at it, continuously, in central New Hampshire for an incredible 51-years and probably because of that (rather than ‘despite of that), the evergreen, ever delightful ‘Annie & The Orphans’ managed, yet again, last night to weave their magic over a packed, very appreciative ‘Cate Park‘ crowd — in Wolfeboro (‘the oldest Summer resort in the US‘), New Hampshire. ‘Annie & The Orphans’ for us Lakes Region “ol’ timers” is a perennial Summer/Fall favorite. We have followed them for decades as had most of those at the Park last night.

Their repertoire of 50s, 60s and some newer classics don’t change much over the years — let alone decades. But that is part of the charm. We all know the ‘Annie’ songs. The originals might have been by the GREATS but around here these songs belong to ‘The Orphans’.

We met about a dozen folks who had been with us at the ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears‘ concert the night before. Three of them, independently, said something along the lines of: “This so much better than last night”. That is one heck of a statement and I will have to concur. The folks who said this were in the right demographics to like BS&T in that, like I, they were older than 60. Tickets were BS&T were going at $35 to $80 and folks liked this better. Enough said.

Perfect night. Beautiful weather. Festive, carnival-like atmosphere. The happiness and joy in the air was palpable. You could feel it being stirred when Anatole Paquette (‘Annie’) waved his arms. We lucked out. His nephew (brother’s son), from Orlando, was on stage. The next generation.

They will be in Alton, NH, for “Old Home Day“, August 8, 2015. Be there or be square! [Did I just say that? SMILE. Hey, I lived through the 60s — in London no less.]

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