Emboldened, Extremist Sri Lankan Buddhist Come Up With A List Of DEMANDS!

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by Anura Guruge

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I got these DEMANDS in an e-mail, from Sri Lanka, yesterday.

This is just an extract to demonstrate the kind of thing that they are after.

This would be LAUGHABLE if not for the fact that these folks are deadly serious and will kill for this! Never mind Buddhism’s so called pacificity. That is long forgotten now.

1. Protecting the status of the Sinhala Buddhist majority that built the Sinhale nation

  • Recognise Sri Lanka as a predominantly Buddhist country and uphold the Sinhala Buddhist civilization and its ethos constitutionally and legally. (for over 2600 years Buddhism was State religion invited by royal invitation and the compassionate nature of Buddhism ensured treatment of all citizens and even visitors with compassion).
  • Secure the foremost status of Buddhism and foster Buddhism both within and outside the country while ensuring the right to freedom of religious practice for all other religions (right to practice religion does not entitle the head offices of these religions to strategically change the pre- existing and current religious and cultural landscape of Sri Lanka to create one where their religion becomes majority with time).
  • Follow 70-30 representation – Majority Sinhala Buddhists must be assured of representation at all levels of Government, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary etc. and across all systems, that reflects the 70% demographic ratio of Sinhala Buddhists in the country while only 30% of places in any system should be allocated to religious and ethnic minorities. Allocation of time for public service by MPs must be according to ethnic ratio.
  • Allocation of housing (flats/housing schemes) & any state allocation to be based on the ethnic ratio of the country – 70% to Sinhalese & 30% to minorities to be divided at their discretion
    Strive towards establishing a compassionate society in Sri Lanka which is all inclusive, protects all living beings and encourages peaceful co–existence between man and animal (a noble call no one can take objection to).
    Protection of the rights of Sinhala Buddhists in particular the lower income groups and addressing their grievances on a priority basis. Tamils will have India to provide aid, Muslims have over 50 Muslim nations to provide aid, Christians/Catholics have Western Christian nations & Vatican – Sinhala Buddhists have only the State that built the nation.
  • No ethnic ghettos allowed anywhere in Sri Lanka to prevent potential uprisings in the future based on sectarian ideologies and separatist identities.
    …  …  ….

2. Protecting heritage, history and natural environment

  • Declare Buddhist heritage sites as National Heritage sites providing both State protection and funds for preservation. But an end to attempts to eliminate national heritage/history via bogey of multiculturalis/multifaith and internationalism
  • No other religion that can with evidence claim to have existed prior to 2600 Buddhist history can demand joint-heritage claim status. Stop well planned moves to identify and declare historic Buddhist sites as multi faith sites e.g. Sri Pada. Kataragama, Dambulla etc.
  • Moratorium on construction of new places of religious worship via foreign funds coming from sources out to create ethnic/religious tension combined with their imperial expansion ideologies
  • Introduce anti-conversion (i.e., missionary) bill and ensure foreign-funded conversion of Buddhists and Hindus are legally dealt with.
  • Foremost place to Buddhism via Article 9 must require Buddha Sasana Minitry to task panels to regularly produce reports covering media distortions/other manipulations by western funded-NGOs(content analysis of current media to denigrate Buddhists), incursions of heritage areas/sites, brainwashing of children towards multiculturalism/multifaith in an effort to get them to abandon their links to heritage and denationalize them. Christianity has $170billion / Wahhabi slam has $87billion to promote their faith worldwide.
    …  …  ….

3. Language

  • Sinhala to be only official language of Sri Lanka.
  • Tamil to be secondary language and English link language.
  • Mandatory for all citizens to speak and write basic Sinhalese.

4. Rights of citizens

  • Equal land rights & ownership in any part of Sri Lanka for its citizens. No law should deny the right of citizen to purchase land & live in any part of Sri Lanka (this will address current demands for only Tamil land/only Muslim land while Tamils and Muslims secure right to live in all parts of Sri Lanka while Sinhalese will not have right to land or right to live in North or East.
  • Foreign service and other public service must include briefings on the pre-colonial history and the real patriots/heroes of Sri Lanka

There is more ….

But this should give YOU a good idea as to what they are DEMANDING.


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