Amazon Prime Is Worth $99/Year For ‘Instant Video’ — Irrespective Of “Prime Day”.

primaeamazon.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I dragged my heels for years before I finally broke down and signed up for Amazon Prime earlier this year. I got it mainly for the free 2-day shipping. I got fed up of waiting 10 days to get the non-Prime free shipping from Amazon (on orders above $35 (used to be $25)).

Soon afterwards, totally independently and with Amazon Prime not a consideration, we got a Roku 3. Then we discovered Amazon Prime Instant Video. Hundreds oamazonprimef FREE movies and TV shows — including “Downton Abbey”, “Mr. Selfridge” etc. We were hooked. We definitely have got our monies worth just on the videos and we use the free shipping at least three or four times a week. That I just saw that they have the Jim Corbett “India: Kingdom of the Tiger” is just an added bonus. As a pre-teenager, in Ceylon, I discovered the Jim Corbett tiger hunting books. I read every one of them. I still have one copy from the 1960s in my “most favorite of books” display shelf! So Amazon Prime has worked for us. I haven’t used the music download capability but Devanee has started using it over the last few weeks. So that is another plus. The free Kindle sharing thing is a sham! Only works IF you have a Kindle device. That is naughty.

I did ‘waste’ an hour or so looking at ‘stuff’ during today’s “Amazon Prime” day. Yes, I will confess that I really didn’t need anything per se today and that was probably a major factor. There were some interesting and fairly well priced items. But they weren’t compelling enough. I don’t think that was entirely Amazon’s fault. I just wasn’t in the mood. The one DSLR camera they had was not of interest.

But, I will be an Amazon Prime customer for years to come. That I am an Amazon shareholder is also a factor. The Amazon share performance this year has more than paid for the $99 I needed for the membership.

I try not to buy from Yes, I do shop Walmart brick-and-mortar. But is NOT Amazon. For online shopping Amazon is trumps.

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