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Wolfeboro, NH Blessed With A Beauteous Broadside Of Broadway By “Great Waters Festival Chorus”, July 18, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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YouTube video of the “Tonight” Quintet
from “West Side Story”

Click to access. Also has the names of the soloists.

Lauren Jelencovich, the BRILLIANT soloist
(featured vocalist for Yani) [right],

Cathy Venable, pianist from Broadway [center]
& my 14-year old daughter, Devanee, soprano (for her 2nd year) [left].

Lauren Jelencovich, the Soloist

Lauren’s Website … click to access.

42nd Street, New York, NY was truly at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire last night, at the ‘Kingswood Arts Center‘, as the immensely talented and outlandishly enthusiastic “Great Waters Chorus & Orchestra” regaled an appreciative crowd of 500+ with the “Best of Broadway” and it was THE BEST. Though I have lived on a dirt road in New Hampshire for longer than I care to admit I am not a stranger to Broadway or Haymarket (sometimes having seen the same production in both places). And I have seen “42nd Street” in Broadway and “Titanic” (the musical) in Boston. So I know what to expect and what to look for. And we sure got our monies worth last night (though as a “Great Waters” volunteer, I luckily, did not have to pay though I would have gladly paid to see this). Full Disclosure. My 14-year old daughter, Devanee, my soprano (also of “Clearlakes Chorale” fame) was singing with this always festive Chorus (for her second year) and I knew some of the singers and the maestro conductor, Chris Shepard, from last year (not to mention the percussionist Dov Schiller, who also plays for “Clearlakes“). But, even if I put aside a fair chunk of bias this was still GREAT and there were upwards of 500 who would have agreed.

Wolfeboro is truly blessed when it comes to music. This was a masterclass performance with some genuine professional stars bolstering the giddily enthusiastic and committed amateurs. Everybody was having fun, before, during and after. It truly was festive. ‘Boston Pops’ in Wolfeboro. Another great success for “Great Waters” and its proud founder Dr. Gerry Mack, who was at hand to welcome and thank the audience and performers. I had a ball (as I invariably do). Devanee and I did not get home till 12:30 am. If you missed this concert make a note in your calandar for July 2016. They will be BACK. Rejoice.

Another YouTube Video. From “Titanic”.


Click to access this 1:51 minute YouTube.

59 photos from the show made into a video montage, set to music,
“Lullaby of Broadway”.
This gives you a good feel of the show.


Click to access 2:40 minute YouTube video.