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I Just Signed Up For ‘Jet.com’, With 3 Months, Free, Though I Thought My Affection For Amazon Was Boundless.

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by Anura Guruge

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jetsignawdsadI had never heard of Jet.com! Yikes! Not sure how that happened. I just read about them while scanning the investor news on Amazon on ‘MarketWatch‘. Yes, I have a couple of shares of AMZN.

Wow. They reckon that they can undercut Amazon by 10% to 15% — after you part with a $50 membership. I think I just got 3 months FREE membership. I pay $99 for Amazon Prime and I will probably keep on paying that JUST for the free video. So I am cool with that.

Given that we do 95% of our non-grocery shopping online, and 95% of that is on Amazon, 10% to 15% savings can add up for us. But to get back the $50 membership you have to first spend around $450 (depending on whether the savings are 15% or 10%). So I need to think about that AFTER the free membership. Yes, a new camera might be in my future. A 10% saving on a camera will definitely pay for the membership and more.

So I will keep you posted. They go live tomorrow from what I can see. Sign up now. You can still get free membership.

Devanee’s 1968 MGB Is “Car Of The Month” In The “British Cars Of New Hampshire” July 2015 Newsletter.

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by Anura Guruge

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