Sony DSC RX10 II: More Issues To Consider — I.

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by Anura Guruge

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First and foremost: It is STILL NOT available.

This is from the Sony Store (U.S.A.) today — July 29, 2015.

Some online stores, including Amazon, are claiming they have some units.
I don’t believe them.

Beware: You might get shipped an RX10 rather than a RX10 II.

I think there are a lot of folks out there who are confused
as to the two models.

I am sure that some of the ‘reviews’ and comments I am
reading online that are supposed to be for the Mk. II
are based on the old RX10 Mk. 1.

Click to ENLARGE.

OK, so far we looked at the understated zoom capability, which with digital assist is 33x (as opposed to 8.3x with optical alone), and that the built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) is XGA OLED display standard with 2,359,296 dots (twice as much as other EVFs).

Some other points to consider and ponder:

1/ The Sony RX10 II (i.e., DSC-RX10M2) like the older RX10 comes with a BUILT-IN instruction guide that you can read on the 3″ LCD panel. That is pretty neat. That could come in handy. You don’t always have the instruction manual at hand and getting an Internet connection to try and read it online might be tricky. This amuses me.

2/ You can see it in the pictures above, especially if you enlarge them, the RX10 II (just like the RX10) does NOT come with DSLR type shoulder strap mounts. Instead it mas micro-loop attachments as with compact cameras. Some RX10s, from what I can see, came with v. neat strap attachment rings. I am going to need at least one of these because I have got so used to using a wrist strap. I will now be lost without one and you need a full strap attachment in order to use a proper wrist grip. I am hoping that they include two rings in the box. Just to be on the safe side I found some on Amazon for $3. Let me know if you need these too.

3/ With the RX10 people complain that the LCD randomly freezes for a few seconds at a time. Appears that this has to do with the automated ‘eye detection’ mode on the EVF. If anything, and it doesn’t have to be an eye per se, e.g., a finger, is in front of the EVF the camera thinks that it needs to go into EVF mode and disables the LCD — i.e., the freeze. If you run into this problem you can fix it, once and for all, by disabling the ‘eye detection’ function. Got that?

4/ A  common complaint with the RX10 is that the zoom is SUPER SLOW and that there is no manual zoom. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this. Give me time. I will track this down. Basically if the Mk II offers manual zoom we should be all set, BUT that could be difficult because that might damage the zooming gears.

5/ Autofocus on the Mk I is said to be sluggish. The new 1″ sensors in the Mk. 11 are said to be 5x times faster when it comes to data transfer. This should, in theory, speed up autofocus. Again I am digging into this.

More later. OK? Cheers.

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