Glory Be: 2015 Christmas Revels Dartmouth Will Be A Scottish Highland Bash.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access the Dartmouth ‘HOP’ Website for ‘Revels North’


Click to access the “Revels North” Website with more details … especially how to get PREFERRED SEATING tickets.

It does NOT get any better than this for us. We just adore the Christmas Revels, by ‘Revels North‘, at Dartmouth. For me Christmas would NOT be festive IF I didn’t get to go see Christmas Revels. We have been going, as a family, without a break, for the last 5 years, if not six. We have also always sat in the front row. The last 4 years wehave sat in the same four seats: AA 111 — 114. Front Row, Center — aisle. Well I already got those seats for this Christmas — TODAY.

My partiality to most things Scottish is well known and documented and I even claim I am an adopted Scot. Christmas is Revels (North) and September, for us, is the ‘Scottish Highland Games‘ at Loon. Now, BINGO. I get the two morphed together. Can’t wait.

When I got an e-mail this morning from “Revels North”, from their AMAZING Managing Director, Heather Alger, I couldn’t believe it. For me it was Christmas in August. I had a ton of stuff I had to do, BUT I dropped everything, ran downstairs, got my wallet and BOUGHT my tickets. I even had a brief telephone conversation with Heather. That was a bonus.

I told Teischan that I got THE seats. She was excited. She, at 9, has been going to Revels (North) as long as she can remember — and I think she was 4 when we took her to her first. So she knows the Revels formula and the “Dancing Bee” is one of her favorite songs.

This is GREAT. I am so pumped. Thank YOU, Revels North. We will be there, as ever, with bells on.

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