BBC’s “Great British Bake Off” 6th Series Starts — In The U.K.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the BBC homepage for this marvellous, addictive show.



Click to ENLARGE. Use image link above to access the show’s homepage.

We serendipitously stumbled upon Series 5 of the BBC’s strangely riveting “Great British Bake Off“, on PBS (Boston Channel 2), and just loved it as a family. The kid’s couldn’t wait for Monday to roll around so that they could watch Sunday night’s episode that I would religiously record.

We were waiting anxiously for news of the new series. Well it starts today on the BBC. But there is no news, as yet, as to when we might get to see it in the U.S. — on PBS or BBC America. You can’t, alas, get the BBC on the Roku. I finally found out why? It has to do with the LICENSE FEE that U.K. residents pay to get BBC. We can’t get it because we don’t pay the license! Why they can’t offer it as a subscription is a mystery.

Anyway I will keep my eyes peeled for Series 6 and share with you at once. Promise.

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