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I Had NO Idea That 325mg Aspirin Could Kill Me!

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by Anura Guruge

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Wow. I had always thought of Aspirin as MY FRIEND. Something that was good for my heart. I was told, way back in 1987, to take an aspirin a day for my heart health. And I did, religiously — along with my glass (or two) of red wine, also, of course, just for my heart health.

I like Aspirin. It was, until last Wednesday, July 29, 2015, my favorite pain medication. I wasn’t into this new fangled Tylenol, Advil, Relieve etc. and I have stayed away from prescription pain medication EVEN when it has been prescribed to me. About 5 years ago, kicking and screaming, I was taken, by the wife, in collusion with my then cardiologist, to the ER because I was having chest pain, just above my heart — and my blood pressure was going up (because I had been in pain for some time). They checked me out. Did the blood test for the marker hormones. Nothing. Did the EKGs. Nothing. Then they sent me to have a chest X-ray and they put a little metal dot on my chest where the pain was. The X-ray was focused on that. While I am still standing there, chest to plate, in the X-ray room, the technician calls out over the Intercom: “you have a broken rib just where you are feeling the pain”.

81mg asprinWell, 3 weeks earlier, before Christmas, I had slipped and fallen — on my shovel handle — while I was shovelling snow. It hurt BUT it never occurred to me that I had broken anything. My record with broken bones is kind of notorious. Years ago, after a doctor, on a whim, had both my hands X-rayed, they found that I had broken my ALL my knuckles, multiple times. But I can’t even remember breaking them ONCE. The doctor just shook his head. That I once played rugby for 35 minutes with a broken bone in my hand and then forgot to go the hospital, as I had been instructed to do, for 4 hours is also part of my legacy.

Well, when I was wheeled back into ER the doctor and the male nurse both wanted to know WHY I didn’t realize I had a broken rib — for 3 weeks. I had no explanation. Then they asked me what I took for my pain. I said Aspirin. They looked at me strange — and people do that often. Aspirin? Yes. What strength? I don’t know. The stuff that is in a standard bottle. Hhmmm. How many? I don’t know. Maybe two every 4 to 5 hours. They gave me a bottle of Vicodin. I did NOT see the point in taking that 3 weeks in. So I kept it. Came in handy when I needed to sedate one of my goldens so it would not gnaw at a ‘hot spot’. One Vicodin and he was in ‘la-la’ land for hours. Did the trick. Best use of Vicodin ever.

Anywho …

I was taking two (2) 325mg Aspirins a day — most days. I thought it was good for me. If one was good, two has to be better … right? Sometimes I might take more. Two in the morning, two at night. 325mg Aspirin was also my preferred fever reducer.

Now my new doctor, another Indian, tells me that taking all that Aspirin was killing me!

I can’t win.

Told me to throw away my nearly full bottle of 325mg Aspirins. Killed me. They were my friends. I had to buy a bottle of 81mg Aspirin. Baby ones. Only one a day.

I don’t believe and trust all this medical mumbo-jumbo. Remember these were the same folks who SWORE that PSAs were 100% spot-on in detecting prostate cancer. All that did was make them money so that they could go shoot lions.

Yet Another Hospital Mix-Up At Birth (In Italy) — Same As What Happened To Me In Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 62 Years Ago.

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by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. Daily Mail from August 4, 2015. Click to ENLARGE and savor the ‘headlines’ here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access the U.K. Daily Mail original.

This what happened to Lorena Cobuzzi and Antonella Zenga, in Puglia, Italy, 26 years ago was also, exactly, what happened to me — 62 years ago, in Colombo, Ceylon, at the “Private General Hospital“. Except 62 years ago they, I am sure, didn’t use bracelets — and to exacerbate matters, 90% of the babies born at that hospital would have been uniformly brown, with black hair and black eyes.

I explained my story in June of this year in this post.

I was told of this, nearly daily, since I was around 5. I guess that is why I grew up used to the idea. I was a hospital mix-up and the folks I called my parents were NOT my real parents. We could NOT have been any different. It was like a black couple having a lily white son. Chalk and cheese. That is how my adoptive parents worked out, quite early on, that I was not their son. There was no way I was related to them. C’est la vie.

Yes, I would like to meet the ‘other’ me. My kids, who still can’t quite work out the implications, calls ‘him’ the real me!

I am trying to make some inquiries. The hospital is no longer in existence. There were NO computers in 1953. The births would have been entered into a ledger. So we are looking for another brown boy, born between September 2 to September 5, 1953 at the “Private General Hospital”, Colombo 7, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Malaysian Airlines MH370: The Reunion Debris, The Flaperon, Does NOT Prove It Crashed Into The Indian Ocean!


by Anura Guruge

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The flapron could have been THROWN into the Indian Ocean
to make it look that MH370 crashed.

One small piece of debris does NOT prove that MH370 crashed into the ocean.

That is a possibility BUT that piece of debris is NOT conclusive proof.

MH370 could have still landed, intact — maybe even in the Maldives. The flapron could have been hacked off and thrown into the ocean. Barnacles mean nothing. It could have got thrown off a ship.

So just think. That is all I ask. THINK.

Flapron is not proof, ALONE, of MH370 crashing into the ocean.

We need to see the debris field.

Got that?

This is called a NON SEQUITUR.