Malaysian Airlines MH370: The Reunion Debris, The Flaperon, Does NOT Prove It Crashed Into The Indian Ocean!


by Anura Guruge

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The flapron could have been THROWN into the Indian Ocean
to make it look that MH370 crashed.

One small piece of debris does NOT prove that MH370 crashed into the ocean.

That is a possibility BUT that piece of debris is NOT conclusive proof.

MH370 could have still landed, intact — maybe even in the Maldives. The flapron could have been hacked off and thrown into the ocean. Barnacles mean nothing. It could have got thrown off a ship.

So just think. That is all I ask. THINK.

Flapron is not proof, ALONE, of MH370 crashing into the ocean.

We need to see the debris field.

Got that?

This is called a NON SEQUITUR.


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