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Nude (Nudist) Beaches In Maine — Acadia National Park (Unofficial).

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and study. Base map of “Mount Desert Island”, primary home of the Acadia National Park, is from Google Maps (– who else).

Given the current interest in ‘topless in NH‘, stoked by the ‘Free the Nipple in New Hampshire‘ movement and their planned August 23, 2015 event in Hampton Beach, it occurred to me, as these things do, that I should also check to see what the nude beach situation is in neighbouring Maine — since New Hampshire, as I pointed out, has at least one. 

I kind of had a feeling that much larger and more ‘liberal’ Maine might outdo New Hampshire in the nude beach stakes.

I was, however, NOT expecting to find that our perennial favorite, Acadia National Park, is said to have at least 3 fairly well frequented nudist beaches, most of them within Parkland. So I created this map for you. Though we have visited the Park 4 times, so far, all in warm weather, we have not seen any nudity let alone any topless females. I can’t say I will try and go looking but at least now I know which lakes are which. Hope this helps. I will do more posts of Maine in the coming days. Promise.

P.S., In case you didn’t realize and it did NOT occur to you, these are NOT sanctioned (or even approved) nudist beaches. They are definitely not commercial (i.e., for a fee) nudist beaches. These are beaches where people exercise their free will. I guess Park Rangers either turn a blind eye, suggest they ‘cut it out’ or arrest them. So be WARNED. Just because it happens should not be taken that you might not get arrested. OK? Don’t want anyone getting into trouble.