Devanee Is At “Camp Spaulding”, Concord, N.H. For Two Weeks.

.IMG_2006Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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Deanna stumbled upon “Camp Spaulding“, on the Web, two years ago — in 2013. We went for an orientation and Devanee liked it. Deanna managed to get Devanee in for a two week stay in August 2013. Devanee just loved it. Cried when she had to leave. Said it was the best 2 weeks of her life. She begged to go back. Well she didn’t make it last year because we had some disciplinary issues with her BUT Deanna signed her up again for this August. We dropped her off last Sunday, August 9th. She was so excited. Check in time was from 1 to 5pm and she insisted that we get there sharp at 1 and we did — pulling into the drive exactly at 1! She is there for 2 weeks. No electronics. No phone. That alone is good. Deanna already mailed her a care package on Tuesday! It is quite the place. Sunday was our 4th time visiting. Very pleasant. Very nice people. I will give you another update after we pick her up.

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