Abraham Corona — Photos By Another Sony a77 II Fan Who Has Been Helping Me.

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by Anura Guruge

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Image by (and copyrighted to) Abraham Corona.

From his Facebook page (click to access) with his permission.

Click to ENLARGE.
abrahamph1abrahamph2 abrahamph3

I am definitely going to get a Sony a77 II. That is now a foregone conclusion. The plan is to also order it, as a 2-lens bundle, from Amazon BUT fulfilled (i.e., shipped) by ‘Cameta Camera‘.

hoodcap1Given who I am, and the amount of research I have done into my camera purchase (over the last 6 weeks), I had a number of questions about this bundle, e.g., two both lenses come with hoods? NO they don’t. Only one, the Tamaron. The Sony lens does not. Sony sells the hood for $75. That is just a piece of plastic. That is a bit excessive — and I say that as a Sony (SNE) stockholder! Well I am not going to get that hood. I actually found a real NEAT one. It is called a ‘Hoodcap’ — hood and lens cap in one. IF it works this will be great because I am always fiddling around for my lens cap. NO, I can’t abide having the lens cap tethered to the camera. That annoys me. The ‘Hoodcap’ seems ingenious. Why didn’t I think of that. Just hope it works. It is only supposed to work on two Sony lenses and the 16 – 50mm I am getting is one of them.

In addition to the hoodcaps I have had other questions. The bundle talks about an HDMI-to-microHDMI cable. That comes with the camera. So I was confused as to why it is listed separately. Also wanted to know how many battery chargers I will get. Appears I will get two. That is good. Well the answers to these last questions came from Abraham Corona — via the Amazon “Ask a Question” feature. He has been EXTREMELY helpful.

On one of his answers he included a link to his Facebook page so I could see his work. I was impressed. I asked him if I can post a few of his images on this blog. He kindly agreed. So that is how you get to enjoy these pictures. 

Abraham Corona.

Thank you.

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