The Ever Debonair “North Shore Acappella”, In Wolfeboro, NH, Friday, August 21, 2015, Took Brilliance To New Heights.

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by Anura Guruge

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Jimmy Martin, Guy Chiapponi, Vinny Straccia, Paul Lopes
and Tommy Duarte

with guest star, our very own, Stacey Kelleher.

There is really no point trying to find any other adjectives or superlatives. There is just one word that just so totally captures the very essence of the “North Shore Acappella” concert, in Wolfeboro, last night, and that word is ‘BRILLIANCE’. It was brilliance epitomized — BUT, in their case, it was expected. And did they deliver. Oh, yes they did. It was blinking, bloody brilliant.

Anderson Hall, at Brewster, was nearly packed. 356 very gratified patrons beating the previous “Great Waters” record for this venue by 80.

This was the third straight year that “North Shore Acappella” has done a “Great Waters” concert in Wolfeboro. As far as I know they, given their immense popularity, are the only ones that get invited like that — year after year. I know that they were rebooked straight after last year’s scintillating performance. We were there for that I just loved it. This is musical entertainment at its delectable best. Just unadulterated auditory ‘manna’ spiced with an energetic display of showmanship by 5 amazing guys. They are indeed true modern day troubadours.

And really, really, really charming and personable guys. We got to know them last year and they were a joy to work with. It was fun. It was wonderful, heartwarming concert. The audience loved it.

Stacey Kelleher’s Guest Spot Singing
“Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Stacey (18), from Ossipee (NH) and a graduate of ‘Kingswood High School‘, was this year’s intern Box Office Manager for “Great Waters”. Next week she starts as a freshman at Boston’s famed “Berklee College of Music” with plans to major in ‘voice performance’. I have, however, known her from 2 years ago when she sang with “Clearlakes Chorale” with Devanee.


Click to access YouTube video of Stacey signing the “lion sleeps tonight” with “North Shore Acappella”.

That Stacey got to get up on stage with “North Shore” was my doing and her rousing, much appreciated performance, made me very happy and proud.

Remembering how “North Shore” last year welcomed a bunch of folk to sing with them, including most of the Guruges, I, a month ago, ‘told’ Stacey that I will get her on stage to sing with the guys. She didn’t believe me. She then looked at the pictures from last year and realized that it was a possibility. Over the next few weeks, every Friday, when I would see her I reminded her — and I could see that she was getting mentally prepared. She told me last week last week she was all set. So as the guys started to arrive and get set up I started telling them about Stacey. Jimmy’s daughter had graduated from Berklee. So he was really keen. I introduced Stacey to Vinny, Paul & Jimmy before the show. It took a bit of work to find a song that she knew that would work. The rest was HISTORY. She was good. It was very gratifying to see the looks on the faces of the guys. They were impressed.

After the show, when I was taking some pictures of Stacey and Jimmy, he said something along the lines: “yep hold onto these pictures. When you are famous we want to be able to say you sang with us!” And he wasn’t joking. She has a great future ahead of her and we all hope she ends up very famous as befits her talents and personality. I am nailing these pictures down too because WHEN she is famous I want her to remember that I arranged this guest spot for her — and I know she will remember. She is a great kid. I am as proud of her as I would be of Devanee.


Dr. Gerry Mack. Founder of “Great Waters Music Festival”.

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