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U.S. Cardinal, William Levada, Once A Vatican Head, Busted For DUI, Hoping To Be Let Off With “One Our Father, 10 Hail Mary’s”

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by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. “Daily Mail“.
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Classic mug shot.
Gillette should sign him up as their pitchman for disposable razors.

Pope Francis’ Historic First Visit To The U.S. — THE BOOK.

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by Anura Guruge

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Francis says the darnest things 

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Available from Amazon (worldwide) as an eBook or Paperback.

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It is the definitive insider’s guide to Pope Francis’ visit to Washington D.C, New York City and Philadelphia in September 2015. Check it out. Amazon has the descriptive blurbs so I won’t regurgitate them here.

Did a lot of research for this book and that, as with some of my other pope books (e.g., Popes and the Tale of their Names), is what sets it apart. Lots of information that is not common knowledge. I enjoy the research! This book, like so many of my others, was basically an excuse for me to do the research. I don’t see a point of doing research if you don’t share it with folks.

This, in the end, proved to be a long book. 170 pages, 7″ x 10″, in paperback form and 213 pages as an eBook.

Given that the pope will arrive in D.C., from Cuba, on September 22, 2015, I had a very HARD, immovable deadline. I wanted to get the book out a month prior to his arrival. So in the end, given that I didn’t finish my previous book till mid-May, I only had 3 months to write this book — though I had started doing some of the research earlier in the year. My goal was to have it published a month ahead of the pope’s arrival. I missed that by a day, but I am not too upset by that. This book was a lot of work and for the last 6 weeks I was working heads down whenever I could — BUT at the same time trying to make sure that I spent time with the kids and took them places they wanted to go (like ‘Polar Caves‘ & ‘York Wild Kingdom‘ last week). The kids, actually, are kind of funny about my books. They are so used to me writing and having books published that they think it is the most normal thing in the world. So yesterday, when I told Teischan (9) that I had finished my latest book, her words were: “Oh, good! That book took you forever to write. You have been working on it for 3 months!” Wow. The expectations I have created. Three months is plenty of time to get a book done. Yikes.

I am taking at least a 2 week break after this book. For a start I need to spend time with the new camera I plan to get — hopefully ordering it this week. I do have a list of about 5 book titles in my head. Tempted to write a book about Buddhism next! So the sequence would be … popes, popes, orgasms, popes, Buddhism. That is me. Versatile. There is, however, a dynamite ‘pope’ book that I want to write. So it is going to be a tussle. PLUS, a new resolution. Going forward I am NOT going to work on a book everyday! I am going to take 2 (maybe 3) days OFF a week. Yes, I will still write — as in blogging etc. — BUT it will not be on book. That way I can get some other stuff done. So that is the plan.


India’s Blanket Refusal To Use Cricket’s Umpire Decision Review System (DRS) Is A Travesty In Tests Against Sri Lanka.

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by Anura Guruge

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India’s pigheaded, totally irrational opposition to DRS may have cost them a Test Match — one that they dominated for much of the time!

I never understood India’s opposition to DRS. DRS, like most things in cricket, cuts both ways. It is all swings and roundabouts, BUT by and large DRS gets it right, for both sides, and more often than not eliminates really bad decisions.

Plus I do not think that one side should be given the right to oppose DRS. DRS should now be mandatory for all Tests and ODIs. ICC must enforce that. Bad umpiring decisions have always been the bane of cricket. BUT now we have the technology and DRS to help avoid some of them. Not to use DRS is stupid and a travesty. India has again learnt this lesson the hard way. I just finished watching the 2nd Test match. A number of decisions should have been reviewed.

This should go down in history as the last Test series that was played without DRS.