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‘Free The Female Nipple’, Edinburg, 2015 — The YouTube Video.

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by Anura Guruge

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The words and message were the same BUT I think, at its core, the Edinburgh ‘take it off’ was different, very different, to the bust that was in New Hampshire.

The Edinburgh unveiling was all part of the world famous ‘.and its FRINGE. This was perfect for the FRINGE.

Edinburgh Festival, in August each year, over the years, grew up around the equally famous ‘Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo‘ — NH Highland Games on steroids.

Female toplessness is not really an issue that the lovely Scottish lasses really have an issue with. Toplessness is common in Europe. The only problem in Scotland, really, is the cold! SMILE.


Today Is “National Dog Day” — And IF There Was A Google Doodle.

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by Anura Guruge

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Deanna found this. So thank HER for this.


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Google did NOT do a Google Doodle for this event.

So I hacked one out. So this is NOT a Google Doodle — just my poor imitation of “IF Google did a Doodle”.

Yes, of late I am partial to Harriers! Braxton is a harrier.

Cute As Can Be Google Doodle For Spain’s Tomato Throwing ‘La Tomatina’ 2015.

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. .
by Anura Guruge

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Another Google Doodle whose ‘reach’ is inexplicable.
India BUT not the U.S.? Come on? This is crazy.


IF you need a bit more background on ‘La Tomatina’.


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Parts Of MetroCast Being Sold Off — BUT Not New Hampshire As Yet.

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by Anura Guruge

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I happened, quite by chance, to come across a slew of stories about the MetroCast sell-off, similar to that above, when I did a search on Google News for a Metrocast outage last night.

I was kind of taken aback. Though I do follow the financial markets quite extensively I had NOT heard of this deal. I quickly worked out that this deal was just for the Connecticut area. So I called up MetroCast to find out what the deal is.

MetroCast New Hampshire has NOT BEEN sold as yet! But this is not good news. The more bits of MetroCast that get sold off, MetroCast as a cable provider loses clout … because they are not as big. I don’t use MetroCast cable or a bundle. I am not totally stupid, just partially. I just use MetroCast for their quite impressive 75Mbps Internet service. I get DISH (through TDS) at more than 1/2 the price than what it would cost me with MetroCast.

Anywho … Just a heads up. I will now track this.

TDS Internet & Phone Outage, Alton, New Hampshire, August 25 – 26, 2015 — Down For 12 Hours!


As I pointed out v. early this morning I noticed the TDS outage just after 10 pm when I went to watch my daily dose of cricket via my Roku 3. I had hoped it would be a short outage. I was wrong. At 11 pm I had to start my ‘3rd shift’ of working — though my latest book was all done. I have 75Mbps MetroCast for my work. So that was good — BUT then an hour later it went down too! For 40 minutes I had BOTH TDS and MetroCast down. I am sure there was a connection. It might have been in the common backbone — possibly outside of NH.

The TDS outage, which also affected my TDS landline, continued well past 1pm. I had a very unsatisfactory interaction with TDS’ Jamaican Call Center just prior to that. The only good news from that was that I got a ‘Trouble Ticket Number’.

TDS was still down at 8:10 am this morning. I called TDS again. Having a Trouble Ticket Number expedited matters. They FINALLY told me that the problem had to do with ‘my area’ and that technicians had been sent to fix it.

At 10 am we got a call saying it BUT I already knew that. SMILE.

So just an update.

TDS Internet (& Poss. Phone) Outage In Central New Hampshire, Tues. August 25, 2015. MetroCast was down too.

Started around 10 pm from what I can see. Still down 3 hours later.

To compound matters MetroCast went down too, around 12:15 am (August 26) for about 40 minutes. MetroCast is back up. Doing good. That is what I am now using.

TDS still down. Stupid, bloody Jamaican call center on call. They asked me what TIME ZONE I am in after I gave them my address — which states New Hampshire.

I asked him if he was stupid. He said, “not really, I am in the Caribbean and I don’t know the time zones”!

Just a heads up.

I am going to bed. At least I have MetroCast working.