‘Free The Female Nipple’, New Hampshire — Hampton Beach, August 23, 2015 — Two More Pictures.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click on pictures to ENLARGE.

These two were taken by Deanna.

You have already seen some of the pictures I took, at Hampton Beach, on Sunday, August 23, 2015 — the day of the supposed BIG show.

These two pictures were taken by Deanna, with her camera. In the first I am striding, purposefully as ever, towards a seated group, with what I think were two topless women, who are doing an videotaped interview with ‘Zach’ who was planning to make a documentary of the ‘Free The Female Nipple‘, New Hampshire movement.

The picture I took of this group appears at the top of this post and you can, by all means, click on it to get a better view. They wouldn’t let me take a picture of them. C’est la vie. No great loss to humanity. 

I then started chatting with Zach and asked him to interview me because I wanted to go on record as to what I thought of this ‘event’. I doubt whether you will find anybody more supportive of female toplness than I. But the Hampton Beach event was lame and nothing but an ill conceived, cheap publicity stunt by a few women who were desperately seeking their ’15 minutes in the sun’ though that was hard to come by that Sunday. There is nothing to PROTEST! Toplessness is permitted in NH. Just exercise YOUR RIGHT without trying to draw attention. That is what would work.

Now we will most likely see NEW legislation — whether constitutionally valid or otherwise. This event was regressive.

What has happened since. August 23rd was 8 days ago. How many women have exercised their LEGAL RIGHT of going topless at Hampton Beach? Does anybody know? What about other beaches and parks. It does NOT have to be beaches. Parks are fine too and anybody who has walked across a park in Germany in the Summer will know that topless sunbathing, by women, is the most natural thing in the world. That is something else. The so called ‘organizers’ of this NH movement. How many of them have been to Europe and seen, first hand, what casual, ‘most natural thing in the world’ female toplessness is all about.

My point when it comes to showing the female nipple is very simple and straightforward. JUST DO IT. Don’t make a fuss about it. Don’t attract attention. Just do it.

And PLEASE don’t bring in breastfeeding into this. Yes, I have hands on experience with that too and I will contend that I have more experience than any TWO of the so called organizers put together. No, of course, I did not breastfeed BUT I was around. My youngest was breastfed for 27 months. 27 months. My oldest for over 18 months and my 2nd oldest for about 14 months. That is 59 months of breastfeeding. Close to 5 years and these kids were breastfed on planes, airports, beaches, parks, restaurants, hospitals, malls, concerts … wherever. Yes, I had words with a FEW people over those years. BUT it was never a problem. So, PLEASE … don’t confuse the issue with something that is not part of the issue.

The issue here, from my perspective is very simple. Just go ahead and do it. The law is CURRENTLY on your side.

You can’t legislate ACCEPTANCE. I know. Discrimination based on skin color is illegal. But that doesn’t stop me running into that on a near daily basis. But I am not going to cry ‘boo-hoo’ and ask for acceptance to be legislated. That will not happen. I live with it.

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