BBC’s New Comedy “The Detectorists” Is Quietly Compelling & Johnny Flynn’s Music ADDICTIVE!

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by Anura Guruge


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Click to access BBC Trailer on YouTube.

Yes that it has a Yellow TR7 is a kick BUT I never, ever liked hardtop TR7s.
The TR7 was meant to topless.


Here is the listing for this show — “The Detectorists”.

It suddenly dawned on me that is THE MUSIC,
amazingly rich guitar picking by
Johnny Flynn
that made this show even more special.


Check Johnny Flynn on this YouTube video. Click to access.

This was a featured new series on ‘Acorn‘ — BBC shows streamed — that I subscribe to on our Roku 3, mainly so that the kids can have access to the British shows that they have of late become so enamoured with.

I have never owned a metal detector but know quite a few that do and I will confess it holds appeal to me — though I know I really don’t have the time for it. But, I decided to watch it, one night, mainly as there was no new cricket that caught my interest. I watched the first episode. It was quintessential BBC comedy. As such it was soothing and easy to just sit back and absorb. The 20 minutes went quite fast. The next day, forgoing cricket again, I watched episode 2. That was even better. I was hooked. Then I realized that the music had MUCH to do with it. It was iconic British folk, with magical guitar picking. You don’t realize it at first but that music draws you right in. I am going to check out Johnny Flynn.

Well, I thought YOU might be interested. Have a look and a listen. I am sure YOU will like it. Enjoy.

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