“Acadia National Park”, Maine — Somesville.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.

by Anura Guruge

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Somesville‘, a year-round residential village, is not within Acadia National Park per se (as is also the case with Bar Harbor and the other two ‘Harbors‘). But its is adjacent and you will have to really go the very long way if you don’t go through it trying to get to the western section of ‘the Park’ (on Mount Desert Island).

Somesville, as reflected in the name, is on the shores of the majestic ‘Somes Sound‘, the large fjord that neatly cleaves the Island in half — this also the ONLY fjord on the East Coast. Though small in comparison to ‘Northeast Harbor‘, ‘Southwest Harbor‘ or even ‘Bernard’ you really can’t miss Somesville. It hits you, VISUALLY, with impact of a 2×4 smacking you between your eyes!

It starts with an arched white wooden bridge across a small lily pond — very reminiscent of a Monet. And then you run into the blankets of vivid color, either side of the road, from cleverly planted and expertly tended beds of annuals. It is like ‘Christmas Light Wars’ done with aplomb with flowers. It is breathtaking. Very friendly place too. The residents, quite rightly, are very proud of their village and, of course, realize that they are very lucky to be able to live their — in this wonderland.

These pictures really don’t do adequate justice to this delightful place. YOU have to go see it yourself — ideally in August or early September when the blooms are in their full glory.

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