Teischan’s Nuvo Pink Plastic Student Flute.

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by Anura Guruge

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I know this is a familiar (and often stressful) fall ritual for so many parents — getting a musical instrument for band.

This year, Teischan having given up on piano after 2 years (and after we got one), decided she wants to try the flute. That pleases me because I really would like a daughter who can play a musical instrument — and I really don’t care what, though a violin, a flute or guitar does have appeal. While I am all in favor of leasing cars/vans/trucks renting musical instruments does not make sense to me. I would rather just buy one.

Well we lucked out, or thought we did so, on a flute. A friend (a good one at that) gave us a Bundy that their daughters had used. That is Teischan, this weekend, at the Laconia Multicultural Day, with the Bundy, at the top. The ‘neck’ needed to be fixed and the amazing music teacher that we have got that done for us for $10! So we thought we were all set. Well …

Appears that the Bundy is ‘OK’ but the seals are ‘going’ and that makes it hard for a beginner, such as Teischan, to come to terms with it. Appears that replacing the seals is not cheap.

So I had a chat with the music teacher. He suggested that I get another used flute from ‘Manchester Music Mill‘. So I called them up. They had a Bundy, from the 1980s, in good condition, that they were willing to sell for $200 — in a ‘better’ case from another flute! Hhhhmmm.

I, of course, checked Amazon. You can get new flutes, some of them pretty impressive looking, for $90 or under. BUT, I knew that their quality would NOT make the grade. Plus I assiduously read the reviews — I always do (or try to).

Then I stumbled upon the Nuvo plastic flute — in Pink. Bingo. Anything in pink is special to Tesichan and the color alone will make her more inclined to ‘like it’.

I read the description and review. They said the sound was fine and that it played well. They said it was LIGHT and that encouraged kids to practice on it for longer. So the notion was a new, new technology flute, with new seals, for about the price for a used one from 1980.

So over the weekend I had a number of e-mail exchanges with Teischan’s music teacher. He is young, talented and open to new ideas. I was sure he would say ‘Noway. Will not conform to our standard’. But, no. He checked it out and like me was intrigued. He had had good luck with other plastic instruments and was now willing to check this out — given that I was game in terms of buying one.

Well it arrived today — via FedEx. Two other items I ordered, from Amazon, on the same order came via UPS 40 minutes earlier. Teischan was bummed. She thought she was not getting the flute today.

She loves it. Noticed at once that it was light. Also the spare parts that came with it. They encourage you to wash it and get it wet. They even say it is OK to use it while taking a shower. Well …

We will see. I will keep you posted. So far so good and it is PINK — and that alone makes a huge difference to Teischan.

2 thoughts on “Teischan’s Nuvo Pink Plastic Student Flute.

    1. aguruge Post author

      So far a great hit. We haven’t had it a year. Since mid-September 2015. So 6 months. NO PROBLEMS. Her teacher, quite the maestro, loves the flute and borrows it, in class, often (and cleans it too before giving it back). My daughter is using it more and more. Can play a few simple pieces now. So, so far. So good. No negatives. OK? All the best.


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