All Of Pope Francis’ Homilies During U.S. Visit Will Be In Spanish!

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by Anura Guruge

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Many Americans are going to be confused and confounded by this.

Many U.S. Catholics, including those with even recent European lineage, seem to think that all popes habitually speak English — even in private, at the Vatican! I kid you not. You will be surprised the number of Americans who will be aghast if I told them that Pope John Paul II ONLY spoke English, quite credibly, in public, when he had to and that he primarily spoke Italian, Polish, Spanish and even some Latin in and around the Vatican. [You really should read this post from 2011 as to Pope John Paul II, his deathbed request and the language involved.]

His words will be translated, on-the-fly, to English by an Interpreter. How that will play out, especially on TV, will be interesting to see. I hope that they will think about English subtitles for the TV broadcast. I think the people will like to hear the pope’s voice … rather than that of an interpreter.

The pope plans to speak in English at the White House and during his address to Congress. Appears he has been practicing his English. He spoke in English, earlier in the year, during his visit to Sri Lanka. It was a bit strained and at times difficult to follow and you can tell that the pope was NOT enjoying it. Benedict XVI, though not a natural, was better — and he made you realize how well John Paul II, a very gifted and talented man, spoke English. Here … listen to the Pope, speaking English, upon arriving in Sri Lanka. You can understand him …


Click to access YouTube video. The pope starts speaking around the 42 minute mark. OK?

From THE book about Francis’ preference for Spanish.
Click to ENLARGE and read here.


First part of Pope Francis’ U.S. itinerary from “Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit 2015“.



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