U.S. Police Really Should Be Better Trained To Handle Diplomatic Immunity Claims — In Light Beverly Hills Qatari Clown.


Qatar — a rinky-dink flyspeck.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read here (with incredulity). Use link below to access original.

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to access U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

OK. I understand and appreciate that the police could NOT arrest him because they did not see him race either one of the cars. Got that.

But, it says that he, this clown, told them that he had Diplomatic Immunity. And here is MY POINT.

They, i.e., the police, should have been able to verify that, within minutes, with the State Office. There has to be a SYSTEM. We need such a verification system.

I speak of one who did have bona fide Diplomatic Immunity for 3 years (maybe 6) — and even after that, with appropriate authorization, drove ‘CD — plated’, i.e., ‘Corp Diplomatic’, cars in D.C. and Paris (since my adoptive parents were real Diplomats).

I even remember the first time I heard the phrase — ‘diplomatic immunity’. It was in the early 1960s in Ceylon. The Burmese Ambassador to Ceylon chased his wife, down the road, in central Colombo, and shot her dead, in public. Then he, quite rightly (as was his due), claimed diplomatic immunity and just walked back to his residence. He left Colombo a few days later. The police could not touch him. My parents, who even then were staples of the diplomatic scene, knew the Ambassador and his gunned down wife. There was much consternation in our household.

Many decades later, in August 1992, the phrase again cropped up this time in ‘our’ household. My adoptive mother, 62, with various illnesses (though none truly life threatening), died, unexpectedly, in her sleep, in Paris. The French authorities wanted an autopsy performed. My adoptive father said there was no need for one — and reminded them that ‘they’ had immunity, i.e., French laws did not apply to them. I did NOT have a say, and all this happened even before I knew of the death — because I was in the U.S. (and had my phone ‘off-the-hook’ because I had just got back from a gruelling trip to Israel and did not want my Israeli colleagues calling me, as they were wont to do, at 6 am). I really would have liked to see the results of an autopsy.

So, I speak with someone who knows a bit about D.I. — Diplomatic Immunity.

I have a feeling he did NOT have Diplomatic Immunity. Just because you are a royal does not give you immunity. Immunity goes with an official ‘post’ — e.g., an Ambassador. Yes, then his family get it — but I am sure it only applies to children who are minors. Immunity is granted, in each country, by the State Department of THAT country and they sure have a list.

IF this idiot did NOT have immunity he should have been arrested for making a FALSE claim to the police. That is my point.

Police in Paris, from my experience, were very savvy about D.I.

Police in D.C., from my experience, were not as conversant BUT knew some of the basics.

Police in Alton, New Hampshire, where I now live probably would never have heard of it. And that is WHY all police should be given at least 15 minutes of training SO that they know enough to call somebody …

Get it?

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