WOW. Does Have A ‘Scheduled Post’ Option!

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by Anura Guruge

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Kind of, actually ‘VERY’, embarrassing that I did NOT know this — or try to find out about it sooner. Yes, my mea culpa and to MY cost. All I can say, in my defense, is that I expected ‘it’ — i.e., the SCHEDULE a post option — to be more obvious. To be fair to WordPress, ONCE I was told where it was, it is pretty OBVIOUS.

Not sure why I never Googled it! I guess I kind of assumed, wrongly of course, that I knew most of WP. Wrong.

This is GREAT. So many times I need to do posts AFTER a specific time — especially on the Papam blog when I am dealing with cardinals turning 80, as will be the case tomorrow. Now I can schedule my post to get automatically posted at midnight.

So, the bottom line. does have a good and powerful ‘SCHEDULE’ post feature. Thank YOU,

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