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Pope Francis Loses Hat Even Before He Sets Foot In Cuba — An Omen?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access ‘AP’ provided YouTube video. Happens around the 20 second mark (as you can see from the timeline on the image).

This pope is prone to lose his hat, i.e., the white watered-silk zucchetto, upon arriving at a country. It happened when he arrived in Sri Lanka, in January of this year, and I ever observant of such matters, did document it for YOU. To be fair John Paul II and Benedict XVI also had the same problem. It tends to be windy at the top of a gangway. I am surprised the Vatican has not done something about this. It should be possible to come up with a ‘better’ fitting (though more uncomfortable) zucchetto just for such occasions so the pope doesn’t have to scramble about trying to retrieve his hat. As you will see in the video he proceeds down the gangway clutching his hat and appearing NOT to be too amused. Poor Francis. You would think that his Superior, the ‘one up there’ (as they refer to ‘him’ in the Vatican) would help out. Least he could do.