Sony a77 Mk II Camera: ‘Unable To Display’ Images After Just 3 Weeks!

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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This started to appear when I was reviewing my images on the camera. Click to ENLARGE.

I had just come back from taking these pictures …
I was reviewing these when the above started to happen.

Click to ENLARGE.

This is the file display when I try to NOW read the card.

Click to ENLARGE.

Notice the gap of over 1,000 images.

These were the 989 images I look at Loon this weekend,
such as these, these and these.

GONE from the card.


This was scary!

I had just gone out and taken 28 new pictures of foliage and other such flora. I was showing them to Deanna on the camera. All was fine. All 28 pictures I took were there. Then when I next hit ‘back’ I got a GRAY SCREEN with ‘Unable To Display‘. I was not worried. I went back a bit. Kept of getting it. Now I was a tad perturbed. BUT thought they would all be there when I attached the Lexar (Professional 1000x) 64GB SDXC to my PC via a USB card-reader. I was WRONG. They were ALL GONE. Poof!

This is far from funny.

These were the 989 pictures I had taken at Loon on Sunday. INTERESTING. All the pictures with the SAME DATE. Others prior and after fine. Hhmmm.

I wasn’t going to worry. I had downloaded ALL the images (even backed them up) and posted some. So I hadn’t lost the images. BUT, I could have.

Googled. SCARY. Other had had the same problem.

Ready to be returned to Cameta — via UPS.

I knew I hadn’t had the Sony for a month. It was my birthday present. Called up Cameta Camera. They were impressive. They said, at ONCE, return it … we will send you another. I have already done so! I was not going to hand around. I am SHATTERED. I have never had something like this happen with a camera. No blame, at all, to Cameta. BUT, very concerned about Sony.

So I now don’t have a camera! This is BAD. I am NOT HAPPY.

Glad, however, as to how Cameta and Amazon responded.

Called up Amazon. They, to their credit, gave me a FULL CREDIT on the Lexar 64GB card. They didn’t even want the card back! I am going to order another brand. I am NOT going to use it. I can’t afford to lose pictures.

So heads up. This could be SERIOUS.

Two more images taken with the Sony a77 II TODAY before all went to HELL.

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