Sony SLT a77 Mk II (ILCA-77M2) Camera: I Give It A 1-Star Review On Amazon After Losing The 989 Images.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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As each days goes by I am getting increasingly angry at Sony — and remember I am a Sony shareholder.

It is NOT right that a modern, brand-new, $1,500 camera should JUST LOSE 989 images. That is diabolical. That Sony Support doesn’t even care is kind of galling BUT I had already read, before I bought the Sony SLT A77 II, that Sony, in reality, offered no post-sales support. But, luckily, Cameta Camera, has been outstanding! They are taking back the entire Sony a77 II kit and giving me a full refund — though I have to pay to ship part of the kit back. But that is OK.

I was THINKING of getting another Sony — possibly the Sony RX10 II, though I really didn’t want to go back to a sub-APSC sensor. Well, I found that the RX10 II was NOT worth the money! I will do a post on that. I am going to get a Panasonic! It is a compromise, but a good one. I will tell you more about that soon. SMILE.

2 thoughts on “Sony SLT a77 Mk II (ILCA-77M2) Camera: I Give It A 1-Star Review On Amazon After Losing The 989 Images.

  1. Scott Sislane

    yikes!! Thankfully my A77II has been flawless. After any shots, I pop the card out & stick in my laptop & transfer them. I would bet the card was more at fault than the camera?

    1. aguruge Post author

      I had downloaded those images. All shot at the Loon Highland Games. Here is WHY I think it was Sony s/w rather than card. As you know the a77 creates a folder per day. So all the images you shoot on a particular day are in one folder and you can view images by folder. That is why the a77, unlike most cameras, has its OWN database structure — rather than storing images ‘flat’, i.e., sequentially. What happened here is that the link to the folder got corrupted. A database error. Remember I was in computers for 40 years. That is what scared me. IF you Google you will find quite a few a77 (II) users complaining of image loss.


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