Teenage Sri Lankan, Adriel Sumathipala, Google Science Finalist With Amazing Cardiac Disease Detection Tool.

prassad.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I got an e-mail about this from Sri Lanka this morning. Pretty amazing. I had not seen it, in the U.S., myself, though a quick Google shows that he, deservedly, got a ton of publicity.


Click to access and read … from “Google for Education”.

I was curious as to what the device looked like. Well … I looked …
I can’t say I understand head-or-tail of it.
The blood tests I have done seems much simpler.


Click here for the full explanation at Google Science Fair”.

Clever kids like this delight me and make me feel even more humble and aware as to how little, if any, I achieved in life. Last night we had a 17-year old boy from Israel for dinner. He is another prodigy from my good mate Itzik Nosatzki, the founder of Interspace.net Web hosting in Israel. Itzik, quite proudly, as he should be, was telling us, over dinner, that the son, at 16, had designed a fail-safe power supply for a satellite that is actually in space right now! The first satellite designed by school children — anywhere in the world. AMAZING. And they are not duking it out about Common Core.

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