‘Highland Games’, Loon, 2015: “The Brigadoons” — Sunday Afternoon Set.

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.by Anura Guruge

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‘The Brigadoons’ — Loon, September 2015
Picture Sets

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Sunday, September 20, 2015,
3:30 pm performance at the Governor’s Lodge.

This was “The Brigadoons” third performance that Sunday; their last at the 2015 ‘Games’ and their second that day at the Governor’s Lodge. We had started that day by going to their first performance at the Lodge and was wrapping up the day by going to this one — per my avowed belief that you can never get enough of listening to “The Brigadoons”. The morning gig was brilliant and this was as good. As is their wont it was different — this one more mellow and reflective, in keeping with the mood of the crowd. It had been a truly gorgeous day at Loon and everybody was sated and nicely chilled out. It was a good crowd and the pub above the stage was packed with an appreciative, and often vocal, crowd — and you can hear them on the video on this post.

John “Mr. Scotland” Carmichael, nearly unrecognizable in trousers, joined in, impromptu, for a song, from the back, and that was special. They should collaborate, on stage, more often. That was grand. And I will admit that this gig was very special to us. “The Brigadoons”, very kindly, let Devanee (14), do a song with them! This was a first for her and we will always remember this gig. Thank you, again, “The Brigadoons”.

I took a lot of pictures this time around too. In total I think I ended up with over 400 pictures of the “The Brigadoons” that Sunday. So I am going to share some with you.

I have ONE more extremely special set of pictures left. That was of “The Brigadoons — The Next Generation“. I will post those soon.

So for now, sit back, relax and enjoy these pictures.

Click to ENLARGE.

Copyright will be enforced vigorously.

Ashley MacLeod

Denis Carr

Reg Portieous

Danny Leroux

Paddy Kelly

Thank YOU “The Brigadoons”.

So that is 4 sets of pictures I have posted of “The Doons” from Loon. People might start getting the impression that I kind of like “The Doons”.

P.S., Danny told me that I would not be able to capture 5 pictures of him smiling. I think I have. SMILE

All the pictures taken with my new — and now sadly returned — Sony a77 Mk II. These pictures were among the 989 that disappeared from the card (fortunately, 3 days AFTER I had downloaded the images. That was what was scary and rattled me no end. I could have so easily lost these pictures. That is why I am getting a non-Sony camera.

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