Credit Card Chip Enforcement (EMV) Kicks In October 1, 2015. Is New Hampshire Ready For ‘INSERT Please’?


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by Anura Guruge

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I had read about this months ago and had done some quick Googling to find out what it was all out.

In a nutshell, starting tomorrow, October 1, 2015, UNLESS you pay by credit card by INSERTING the card, so the embedded chip can be read, the credit card company will REFUSE to compensate the MERCHANT IF the transaction proves to be fraudulent. This is ANOTHER attempt to cut back on credit card fraud — which is a HUGE, billion dollar, if not trillion dollar, problem. The chip in the card, unlike the magnetic stripe, is HARDER to ‘crack’ — both in terms of making counterfeits or changing the information.

creditcardemvBut note. We as consumer are still protected SINCE we can’t determine what technology the merchants use. So the credit card companies will still protect credit card users.

The penalty and liability is on the MERCHANT.

So, how many times have YOU INSERTED your card in — recently, in New Hampshire.

I have done it a FEW times. Walmart uses it. Haven’t seen Supermarkets do so yet. Actually swiped my card this weekend. Wow. Don’t even think the New Hampshire Liquor Stores were using INSERT.

But all this changes tomorrow.

IF you are NOT INSERTING after tomorrow QUESTION the merchant. I have. At places like supermarkets, those working the register, have no idea. And I don’t blame them. Not their job.


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