PBS Masterpiece “Indian Summers” Gets Off To A Sluggish Start.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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No doubt my expectations were way high. Like so many others I was hoping it would prove to be an enchanting amalgamation of ‘Passage to India‘ (which we recently watched with the kids), ‘The Jewel in the Crown‘ (which I have watched twice), ‘Gandhi‘ (which we also watched recently for the kids) & ‘Downton Abbey‘ (to which the kids are totally and utterly addicted). Well we just finished watching the 1st episode of ‘Indian Summers’ (which I DVRed on Sunday, off PBS). The kids, given all the steamy ‘romance’ scenes — with a bit of good ol’ British up-the-skirt groping discreetly thrown in — were intrigued and mesmerized. By their bar is low.

No doubt it has been lavishly filmed. Exquisite photography and wonderful scenes of India at its picturesque best. It is indeed sumptuous. Much of the acting, particularly by the Indians, is very promising and there are plenty of characters already that can blossom. Yes, there are 8 more episodes to go and who knows, maybe even a second and third season (though they may have forestalled that by already moving onto Independence, in 1947, by the last episode).

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I want this series to be a SMASH hit; I want it to be addictive. So I am in no way writing it off. Just expected it to get off to a more dynamite start. It isn’t as if ‘they’ don’t know the ‘formula’. ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ and ‘Passage to India’ set out what needs to happen. So …. In hope that episode 2 on Sunday turns out to be a barnburner. Talking of which another Masterpiece debuts that night on PBS. “Homefires“. Looks very promising too. As does another series starting that very same night: “The Widower“.

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