Vatican ‘Married’ Gay Priest, Krzystof Charamsa, Is A Travesty, And Should Be Defrocked At Once.


Click to ENLARGE. From my “Pope Francis’ Visit to U.S.A” book (on Amazon).

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by Anura Guruge

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From the U.K. “Daily Mail”.
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Vatican Press Office statement from Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.
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Gay marriage is one thing. A ‘married’ Catholic priest, irrespective of whether it is homosexual or hetrosexual, is a whole different matter.

A ‘married’ Catholic priest is an OXYMORON!

You can’t have a ‘married’ Catholic priest. It just can’t be. To have a ‘married’ Catholic priest would be akin to an American (Mormon or otherwise) claiming he is legally married to two women. Just cannot be.

For Krzystof Charamsa to shamelessly bandy about his ‘marriage’ is idiotic. This has NOTHING to do with gay marriage. Catholic priest cannot be married. Catholic priest should NOT be married. They have taken a vow of celibacy — where Catholic ‘celibacy’ is all about FORBIDDING permanent relationships, i.e., marriage, as opposed to forestalling sex! I have explained this. A vow of chastity or continence is about forgoing sex. Celibacy is just about marriage.

So this is a JOKE. Why the pope, who has that type of power, did not summarily defrock him on Friday when we started making all these waves is another indictment on this pope.

He panders too much.

But lets once and for all get this straight. Gay marriage has NOTHING to do with Gay Catholic priests. They cannot be married! Period.

Got that?

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