“Great British Bake Off” Finalist Ian Cummings’ Birthday Cake For Dalai Lama — Did It Have Eggs?

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by Anura Guruge

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The announcement that appeared at the end of the “Great British Bake Off” Season 6 Final about Ian baking a cake for the Dalai Lama.


Yes, Ian Cummings and the Dalai Lama go back a long time. He is said to be the official U.K. photographer for the Dalai Lama. Click to access Amazon listing for this book.


The YouTube video. Very cute. The Dalai Lama at his irrepressible best — asking for the candle to be lit. MUST WATCH. Click to access.

This is ALL very good, cute, rewarding and fulfilling BUT I have a very basic, but pivotal, question.

Did Ian Cummings, the Season 6 “Great British Bake Off” also ran, use ANY EGGS in baking this cake?

I suspect he did.

Why? I am trying to work out whether the Dalai Lama STILL eats eggs.

Why? Because I am going to start writing a book about what it was like, in Ceylon, in the early 1960s, to grow up a Buddhist and I am starting my first chapter by talking about eating eggs.

Many Buddhists eat eggs.

The Dalai Lama USED to eat meat. He is said to have become a vegetarian late in life. But some vegetarians eat eggs. Plus today you can get unfertilized eggs.


Wattalampam — my mother would make VERY large dishes of it with dozens of eggs. It was beyond DIVINE. You felt the pounds just adding on to your body as you just smelled it.

I have know strict Hindus that would NOT eat eggs eat fancy puddings that my adoptive mother made and they contained dozens of eggs. I actually confronted her on this. This Indian, a dear friend of the family, had seconds and then thirds of my adoptive mother’s famous ‘Watalappam‘ (a extremely rich cream caramel) — that she would cook mainly for me — one night in Paris. I knew that she had used OVER a dozen eggs preparing it. So this elderly, very gentle gentleman ingested a ton of eggs. He had to have known. My mother said nothing. But this was kosher. Hindus that refused to eat eggs would eat things that contained eggs. Strange?

So I am curious. What do YOU think?

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