“Journey To The North Pole”, “The Polar Express”, Conway & Lincoln (NH) — 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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Having heard numerous radio commercials for this ‘Polar Express‘, I decided to check it out because we have never done it.

Of course anything to do with trains has appeal and given that I am a sucker for Christmas, this is perfect synergy.

OK. I made a phone call and can share some IMPORTANT information with you.

1/ They do NOT, I repeat, NOT, have a steam train any longer — despite the prominent picture on their Website. They had a steam engine JUST ONCE a few years ago. So IF you are expecting steam you will be disappointed in that the only steam you will get is that from the hot chocolate.

2/ The trains leave from both North Conway and Lincoln (i.e., ‘Loon‘). BUT the trains do not go from one station to the other, i.e., it is not a North Conway <-> Lincoln train ride. The trains go to the ‘North Pole’ from each station. So it is a different ride, both 2 hours in total, depending on which station you pick. Got that? From what I can see the rails from Lincoln, by and large, go south towards Woodstock. From North Conway you can (and we have) gone north to Bartlett etc. I get a feeling that North Conway is THE better deal. I could be wrong. IF you know otherwise please share.

3/ A bit pricey.

4/ Most (if not all) the weekend departures from N. Conway are already sold out — at least online.

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