For $100 Less It Is Not Worth Getting The Canon Rebel T6i vs T6s.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. Comparison from Amazon. Yes, it is exactly a $100 price difference.


Click to ENLARGE and read. Extract from the Nov. 2015 issue of ‘Digital Photo’.

I was shocked, to the core, when I read the above in my latest issue of ‘Digital Photo‘ this morning.

That is crazy and Canon, for a start, should be ashamed. Having these two cameras $100 apart is ludicrous. As an ex-Senior Product Manager for multi-Billion dollar companies, as big, if not bigger than, than Canon I am shocked. The cost and expense of releasing, maintaining and promoting a single product, for a company like Canon, is HUGE. To get technical, each product sold by a company, is called a ‘SKU‘ — Stock Keeping Unit. Each SKU costs companies millions to just keep it on the books. There are huge studies about this ‘cost of SKU maintenance’. IF Canon didn’t bother with the Canon Rebel 6Ti it would only have to maintain one SKU for the 6Ts — and that would have saved Canon a ton of money. Enough money to have reduced the price of the 6Ts by $100! That was my first gripe. This is pathetic business management. Somebody should be fired.

Now the other side — the consumer side. Yes, I know that $100 can be a lot of money and in the case of these cameras come to ~13% of the cost. But in the scheme of things it would be rather detrimental in the long run to try and save $100 by getting the 6Ti, when one is likely to regret that decision, for years to come, down the road. Interestingly enough the top LCD panel is the least worthwhile of the features. Yes, I, when I had a Canon Rebel T3i, desperately wanted a camera with a top LCD panel. I had great hopes for one. Then I got the Sony a77 mk II which did have quite a nice top LCD panel. I never, but never, used it! Everything I needed was in the EVF and on the 3″ LCD back display. What was the point of having a harder to read LCD panel. But, control wheels are in short supply on Canon Rebels. I would pay $100, on any $700+ camera, for an ADDITIONAL control wheel! I have learnt. Control wheels are useful. One of the reasons I opted for an (interim) (refurbished) Canon G1 X was that it has lots of control wheels. Plus Servo AF, digital zoom and HDR are all useful features. Losing all those for $100, in my opinion, is just not worth it.

That what I think.

2 thoughts on “For $100 Less It Is Not Worth Getting The Canon Rebel T6i vs T6s.

  1. New England Nomad

    Good advice. When I am in the market for a new camera, I know who to consult first! I am happy enough with my Nikon D3200. But, I will probably be in the market for a new camera next year. It has been a great camera for a beginner like me.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Good morning (just). You are TOO kind. I am just getting back into photography after a 30 year hiatus. So a LOT to catch-up, lot to learn. Given my 45 years in computers, I am, however, pretty swift at reading and understanding modern camera specs — because these are really powerful computers with a lens in front! But we can talk — any time. Cheers. Have a great day. I will, again, visit your lovely blog. Thanks.


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